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Why is the picture not working after screen replacement

okay guys,

so my screen was shattered so i decided to do a repair (which ive done multiple time) well everything went jus fine, i powered on the screen and and no problem..... except the touch was unresponsive so disconnected the flex cables and tried again figuring they just weren't positioned right and now the backlight comes on but i get NOTHING no picture no display!!!!!! can anyone shine some light on my situation please and thank you

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I disassembled my old iPhone 4S after some water damage, and monkeyed with the display. I heard a small *pop* noise when I put the spudger between the LCD and display, likely ruining it. I then reassembled the logic board, plugging in the display in. There was no response from the display, no colors, no flickering, no nothing. Further, the logic board was too warm to the touch. One by one, I unplugged cables from the logic board, until only the dock and battery were still plugged in, and the logic board was still too warm. I ceased my tinkering, ordered a new display and headphone jack cable (broke that!), and have just installed them. The process felt successful. Now the display turns on but is only white with dark lines dancing horizontally and vertically. There are some pastel-like color changes and blinking. Power and home buttons work. iTunes recognizes the device when plugged into computer. I cleaned the metallic area on the LCD cable. Any thoughts? Did I short out the logic board?



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If the top-most plug is not 100% seated (you should hear the snap), than the whole thing is getting "creative". Make sure your battery is disconnected while you play with the plugs: like any computer, the phone can be "allergic" to hot swapping.

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thanks, ive tried that a million and one times to make sure they were seated correctly, hard reset, soft reset.... im in the process of trying a different assembly or even the cracked original and if that doesnt work then im really lost, first time this has ever happened


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