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A 15.6’’ laptop, part of Gateway’s NE series released in June of 2013. Contains a 1.4 GHz AMD E1-2500 dual-core processor, a 500 GB HDD, 4 GB of DDR3 SDRAM, and comes preinstalled with the Windows NT operating system Windows 8.

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How do I replace/get to the ram

I was wondering how I would be able to get to the ram to upgrade it because I have 4gb or game and trying to get 8 are there any sites, or places that can show me? P.s any websites that sell ram for cheap will be apreciated

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One ram slot is on top of the other and heres a video to help understand

ram can be bought on ebay or amazon or here on ifixit just make sure the ram is matching (both dims same speed )And that its DDR3 SDRAM with a proper pin count of 204 and speed should be between 1066 to 1600 anything beyond that requires overclocking in the bios

Hope this helps

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While the Spec shows that there are 2 memory slots I have to agree with Eric.

On the model I have, NE71B, when you pop the back cover you only have a single memory slot. there is not a second set of clips and slot.

I know that I have seen on some HP computers that the second slot is actually under the keyboard. However, I would love someone to confirm that before I try to figure out how to get under the keyboard. Not obvious how to on this thing.


there are NOT two 2gb memory cards - but ONE 4gb memory card. The single 4gb memory card was installed in the lower memory card slot. The upper slot is there- and you just have to look for it


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Flip your laptop over and take out the battery. The release is right there near the battery. Remove three screws from the cover on the opposite edge of the back. The RAM slots are under that cover. Simply pull the levers away and the RAM will pop up. The new memory slips into the socket and clips down. Remember to keep yourself grounded to the laptop frame while working inside. Electro-static discharge can destroy your whole computer without you even knowing. Just keep one hand on the computer at all times. New RAM will hold up your first boot, but after that; all is well.

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So I've seen the ram but I'm wondering how I take it out and put new ram into it. So far I've only seen 1 ram slot but I went to and it said that I have 2 ram slots. Please help me


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