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A sanitary disposal device for human waste. No plumber necessary! Fixing a toilet is more straightforward than many people think.

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How do I adjust my toilet refill?

Ok my toilet when you flush and it begins to refill, how come the water stops right at the part of the toilet bowl where it flushes? So in other words, bear with me, when you come to use my toilet there is practically no water. Can I adjust the refill after the flush?

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You can easily adjust your toilet refill. First you have to find the water leveler and switch it to up and down.

If you want to know more you can <a href=">read</a> it here .


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Steps for repairing siphon siphon

Gently open the lid of the siphon box from the top, then press the clearance under the lid on both sides, then remove the lid and unplug it from the inner wire.

After you release the cover, you will find the faucet of the French siphon, often on your left.

Seal your finger on the prour and hold the other hand with the body of the tap, then gently wrap your finger with the right to the left or right, and note whether it decreases or rises. What is required here is that it decrease by one to two centimeters only – turn until it goes down

Open the siphon and monitor the water level rise. Did you stop before reaching the upper siphon

If you stopped before the level, then the work is finished, and if you still have to, you should repeat the step again and reduce the level until you permanently prevent leakage


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If you want more water bend the rod on the float to make the float higher so it takes more water to get the shut off to engage

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If you lift the top off the tank, you will see (should see) a plastic tube that is routed from the fill mechanism into the overflow tube, which is a vertical tube about 1" in diameter that goes nearly to the top of the tank. The plastic tube directs some tank filling water down the overflow tube, filling up the bowl. If that is disconnected or missing, there will be no water going into the bowl while the tank is filling, which would cause the symptom you describe. There are other possibilities, but this is the most likely.

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