Help! My tablet screen lifts up!

So, I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 with a little bit of a problem: the screen hangs off of the tablet. It's cumbersome and annoying, but when I asked someone at a YUFixit store in my area, they said that A, it would cost $30 to reinforce it and B, the digitizer wouldn't work as it did before (What's a digitizer, by the way?) and that C, it would be more cost effective in the long run to repair it ($70)

Now, some insight into the tablet's condition: the screen works perfectly fine. It's got a few scratches, and a crack that spreads horizontally but it's only a surface crack and does nothing to the functionality. However it's been cracked before, and when I got it fixed, I did so at a very questionable price ($50) and they did it very half-assed (I got it back and the screen was sort of ... bent? weirdly) but I didn't go crazy over it because I knew what I was paying for - a quick fix, not a beautiful, brand-spanking-new tablet. Anyway, yeah. I want to know how to repair this without getting a new screen off of amazon, because I'm monetarily stumped at the moment.

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