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An Android 4.4.2 smartphone released November 1, 2014.

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How do I bypass pattern code

How do i bypass the screen pattern lock

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How to unlock pattern lock screen


Someone set a password on my blue bold phone and I'm unable to use my phone. How do I bypass the password without factory reset and without losing any data?


i am here asking a question why is one being ask to me


Hello, I've tried all the videos but they start moving so fast instead of explaining while they're going through it I can't keep up every if I try to rewind and pause, it still is ridiculously fast. Having a brain tumor makes it worse. Is there anyone that will be willing to help me online, through a text, or email, PLEASE?? Thank you.


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Android comes with protection features like Pattern lock or Password lock to prevent your smart-phone from unauthorized use. But if the owner of the phone is forgot Pattern lock or PIN, then problem arises. I am suggesting you some tricks to recover your lock-

Visit at on your phone or computer and sign-in using your g-mail that you used on your lock phone. Under ADM, select the device you want to unlock and then select “Lock”. Then a new window appears and asked for password, you can enter a temporary password into this window and click on “Lock” button. Now you got a confirmation tab window having the buttons Lock, Ring and Erase. Now you can see a password field on your phone, you should enter that temporary password and your phone would be unlocked. Now go to the phone settings and disable the temporary password and change your pattern lock that is easy to remember but typical to guess by others.

If above procedure is not working then try this one-

If you don’t remember your password then enter a wrong password or pattern lock 5 times, a window appears. You should select “Forgot Password”/”Forgot Pattern” option in this window so you would able to open a Google login or backup PIN. Enter either your g-mail login or backup PIN and then You would be able to unlock your phone.

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How do i bypass pattern lock


How do I unlock my screen passcode


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