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The Epson WorkForce 645 is an all-in-one office color inkjet printer. Model: C11CB86201.

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Broken "wheel" after fixing paper jam,

Hi there,

I Recently had a paper jam in my Epson Workforce 645 3-in-one printer which was given to me for free.

After clearing the jam, i neglected to hold the two side springs together before pushing the paper jam panel back into place. I believe that I broke one of the white plastic "wheels" on the right side that "grabs" the paper from the paper try.

I now have a permanent "paper jam" due to the misfeed.

This printer was free. My questions are:

1. is it repairable?

2. is it worth it given the fact that the printer was free.

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How do you clear the paper jam on a workforce 645. I can see the paper , but can't grab it from the top or bottom. Now what?


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You can probably repair this but there's nothing to say the problem won't come up again.

Because printers are so cheap nowadays, if it was me I'd go ahead and buy a new one. Because you may well fix the problem only for another to come up.

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I have this problem too, so it might be fairly common. At this stage I haven't been able to repair it. It looks like it will be very difficult/time consuming to dismantle the printer to get to this part. I'm going to buy a new printer but I'll hang on to this one and post back if I have any luck with the repair.

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I have the same problem too. Just today actually, the bit that actually hold the middle white wheel broke off. I've just spent the $229 on new set of inks recently and don't keep the receipt. I may just have to buy a new one that will take the same ink

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@ leetainstantlive, if its gives your a paper jam, then its not the pulling wheels but you broke the sensors.

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I have (had) the exact same problem. To repair the paper rollers - the 2 plastic clips on the ends of the roller must be glued with an epoxy or crazy glue, along with a thin (strong) support material, like metal, a paper clip part or thin MDF board - to keep the end clips from breaking off. [ which in my case, caused an error light malfunction ].

Make sure the “L” facing clip is on the right.

Since [ 2019-2020 ] any replacements can NOT be ordered, the only option is to repair.

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