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2015 Mart ayında duyurulan ve 10 Nisan 2015’te piyasaya sürülen Galaxy S6, Galaxy serisinin önde gelen ürünüdür. Kavisli ekran versiyonu Galaxy S6 Edge olarak bilinir.

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No power after water damage repair

Dear all,

Samsung Galaxy S6 had been dropped in water - I did the usual clean and replace battery but still no power and no life from the usb connection.

The board looks good, although I havn't disassembled the daughter board as I'm expecting the device to at least vibrate once a good battery is connected to the main board.

Any ideas/advice?

I've got a daughter /dock connector board on order but I'm wondering how I can test/identify why no power is hitting this phone when all seems well?



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By usual clean what do you mean? A proper water damage repair cleaning can be quite different than the standard cleaning methods, there is likely some underlying corrosion under any EMI shields that might be prohibiting the device from functioning. You could also (likely) have blown some fuses that disallow a boot.

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Sorry, I mean a 99.9% isopropyl bath and brush after removing all components and emi shields (except the daughter board).

I couldn't see any obvious damage to any fuses or capacitors but is there any test I can perform to detect any possibilitis?


I have very limited knowledge on microsoldering but you could use a multimeter to check the resistance of components and identify where the short is.


you have to get out the microscope and examine the board carefully. pay close attention to the battery connector plug area on the motherboard. Look for any signs of corrosion. You can also try changing out the power ic (there are 2 that commonly fail, youtube video by deep fix shows replacing one of them)


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