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Flex cable is cut, what to do?

I've teared down the SW3 from Sony since while taking it off i dropped it and the nfc didnt work, and yes the cable from nfc was disconnected. ive connected it and while putting the screen it was struggling and i accidentally pulled to hard and the flex cable is kinda cutted from the left side... There's no screen showing anymore but the whole watch works because i turned it on and it automatically conneted to my phone and i was able to request a screen shot. So everything works apart the screen. I didnt see any spare parts for the sw3 :/ what to do?

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Please help. I dont know what to do


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I guess the flex cable wire pitch is very small. I repaired a broken flex cable in a camcorder, see video below, but I'm not sure if your cable is just too small, take a look and see if it's possible

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