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The iVIEW-754TPC has a 7 inch display touchscreen and runs Android 4.0. Some repairs require soldering and careful prying. Released in 2012.

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Forgot Password/Maunual Reset not working

Hi I have the Iview Tablet 754TPCII and I have forgotten my password. I've watched all sorts of tutorials and videos on how to hard reset it manually but for some reason, a reset menu won't pop up. I was given these instructions:

1. Turn off tablet

2.Press and hold Back button and Power button at the same time until android character appears

3.Release power button and a Chinese menu will appear

But for some reason, even after following these steps, the menu never shows. it just goes from the "I view" screen to the "android" screen then to the powered on lock screen. Please help!! :-(

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What if the tablet don't have a back button


I have the Same issue just that my tablet is the Iview 778tpc


Me too same bad issue tried 1 million times


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Just follow this:

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mi tablet en una 730 TCP y no tiene teclas de volumen ni de return

no he podido restaurarla ya que se me me olvido el patrón de desbloqueo

les agradezco me puedan ayudar con la solucion a mi problema

quedo atento


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The little man on his back with a blue arrow on him but the reset menu does not come up what can I

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  1. Turn off your device by pressing Power button.
  2. Hold down Volume Up + Power key.
  3. Using Volume keys, select language and confirm with Power button.
  4. Select "Wipe & Reset".
  5. Choose "Wipe All Data" option.
  6. Select "Yes".
  7. Done!

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