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The Xperia Z1 Compact is Sony's premium camera phone. It is similar to the Xperia Z1 model except smaller and less expensive. Its key feature is a 20.7 megapixel sensor. Upon release the available colors were white, black, pink, and lime. This device can be identified using the model number (D5503)

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Screen not working after replacement

Hello I have Xperia Z1 Compact with a broken screen. I have ordered a replacement screen from ebay. When I connect the screen to the phone and turn it on, nothing happens. I know that the phone works because I hear boot up sound. Also when I press unlock button and then volume up/down keys I can hear the volume change sound. If we assume that the replacement screen is working, what could be wrong with the phone? Is there anything I could do to fix it?

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I have a similar problem, i tested the new screen and was satisfactory, however after installing it with the gasket it failed to fire up


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The LCD ribbon cable could have been damaged during installation. Make sure the lcd connector is connected prperly. You might have a defective part, eBay parts are not always the best choice....

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Thanks for the answer. Unless the ribbon was already damaged I doubt I damaged it. Connector is easy to access and I was gentle. I was wondering what chances are there that there is something wrong with the phone itself. For example that metal panel below the display (is that heatsink?) seems a bit detached now. Could a connector itself be a bit detached from the board?


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