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Model A1013, A1052, A1085, or A1107 / 1440x900 screen resolution

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Random sleep (and will not wake without complete power removal)

My PB started sleeping involuntarily after being on for a while. From the temperatures shown with a utility program it seems usually to be showing major overheat beforehand, but there is some irregularity.

I have to pull the battery and wait a while for it to be restartable.

It also comes back up in verbose logging mode, which shows a line about a temperature problem, also.

The fan(s) is(are) doing strange things, like running with great noise as it starts up from this hard sleep.

I took it to the Genius bar, and after running tests, their advice was new logic board. I have been falling back on my desktop and procrastinating/not sending it in.

Then I read on the Yahoo list where a Macbook user had a similar problem which she traced to a fan clogged with debris. We have several cats inside and their hair is certainly a culprit elsewhere.

I have 2 questions: Does this sound like a possible solution and is it possible to remove or at least clean the fan without the mega-disassembly require per the guide here to get at it?

Many thanks!


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Yes, a similar thing happened to me. To be fair, it might be that you do need a new logic board, but I would recommend that you start with a good cleaning first.

My wife used to have a 12" powerbook G4 that she would use in the kitchen. One day she managed to put it down in something that was a mixture of some sauce with flour. This clogged up the air vents in a certain spot almost completely.

She didn't tell me this happened, and so I started with troubleshooting the same issues that you describe. It would overheat and shut off, have racing fans etc. Sometimes other random crashes and stuff or weird behavior.

When I discovered the real problem I sat down with some sharp tools and dug all the crap out of the vents, and what do you know? It worked great after that! Just like new.

Start with that, which might mean no take apart needed at all. If that doesn't help, then use the iFixit takeapart guide for your model to see how to take the case off enough to get to the fans.

PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17" 1-1.67 GHz Heat Sink & Fan Assembly Replacement

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Fans were relatively clean, so new board it is. Thanks for the note.

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