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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Need to replace HD Temp Sensor and HD Mounting Rails

A friend asked me to try and salvage his 20" Intel iMac after the Apple repair shop declared that Apple no longer had a replacement hard drive to fit it and then proceeded to keep the temp sensor and cable as well as the mounting rails for the drive.

Is it possible to source replacement parts and a suitable mechanical hard drive or perhaps even put in an SSD? The object is to get it running as a gift for his children. So, it just needs to be no worse that it was before the hard drive was removed. However; more space and faster access is always welcome, as long as the cost is reasonable.

That said, due to difficulties in sourcing parts (eg. sensor and rails) it may be better to go with a modest sized SSD. I presume and SSD can be purchased with a compatible connector/sensor and associated mounting hardware.

Any advice on what option to choose would be appreciated and especially on what parts to buy and from where.

Note: I do have an old white 24" Intel-based iMac that I could cannibalize, if it has compatible parts.

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You should ask your friend to go back to that repair shop as they shouldn't have taken any parts out of the system! Here in the States thats against the law! The HD is replaceable, I find there reasoning highly questionable. Are you sure he got the story straight?


Yes. He got the story straight. I think this was done to ensure he'd buy a new computer, because it would not be a simple case of replacing the drive anymore. Needless to say, he's not impressed with the shop. I told him that he should have demanded ALL parts be returned. Unfortunately; this was a while ago and I doubt he could get them back now.


I would lodge a complaint with both the Better Business Bureau as well as your local state consumer protection group. Its people like this that get me mad!


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Before we try replacing the HD lets see what the system is doing now. When you plug it in and start it do you hear a Bong as well as see an image on the screen? You should see a folder icon with a blinking question mark.

If you do they we're better than 1/2 way there! If not, this may not be a repairable system as there is something more going on here.

Update (01/17/2016)

Here's the parts list you'll need to start with:

  • Clip, Hard Drive 922-8517
  • Pins, Hard Drive 922-7001
  • Cable, HD SATA 922-8195
  • Clip, Temp Sensor 922-8183
  • Cable, HD Sensor 922-8196

The next issue is the replacement drive. I would recommend getting a SSHD hybrid drive Seagate 3.5" Desktop SSHD I would stick with the 1 TB drive as I doubt you'll need more than that. Just keep in mind the systems SATA port is only SATA II (3.0 Gb's). You'll need to make sure what ever drive you do use is able to run at this SATA speed. If we look at the Seagate spec sheet: Seagate Desktop SSHD spec sheet. We can see this series of drives are able to support all three SATA specs SATA I (1.5 Gb/s), SATA II (3.0 Gb/s) & SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) - SATA Transfer Rates Supported (Gb/s).

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After the Apple service centre examined it, they said they were not permitted to fix this older unit, then they removed the drive, gave it to my friend, but kept the mount and temperature sensor/cable. There is no way to see if it works, though I understand that it was only the hard drive that was bad, when it was taken to the shop. For what it's worth, the parts may have been kept to ensure that the owner couldn't fix it himself and would buy a new unit ... which he reluctantly did.


Does it even start up without the drive present?


I'd have to put it back together to try it. Have taken it apart to see what was physically missing. That said, I believe it did "start"


If I reassemble it without the drive, will it still do the noted post tests to ensure there is nothing else wrong than the drive being missing?

Is there a recommended place to go for the noted parts that will shop to western Canada?



The unit starts correctly. As I noted to Mayer, the Apple Tech forgot to reconnect two inverter supplies of the four. I reconnectedt them and it would appear that the unit is only lacking a drive (with O/S) and the heat sensor.


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It should boot to a screen with a question mark with the hard drive out. If not you have other issues. I probably have the brackets and sensor in stock. A Seagate 3.5" SSHD should work for you and give you a speed bump. Do you have an original system installation disk or a 10.6 retail disk or another Mac that you can use for Target Mode to format and install or clone a system?

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Thank you for the clarification about what to expect without the drive in place.

I have several generations of mac disks that would definitely cover the date range for this unit, as well as bootable USB drives and other intel Macs. (I've bought Macs for a while).

Could the unit fully boot off a USB instead of the hard disk in order to test the full functionality of the unit prior to investing in the parts to fully fix it? I have a mavericks and a mountain lion USB handy, but could prepare others.


It's a good thing that I checked over the internals. The Apple Tech left two of the four inverter cables disconnected.

I put it back together and thankfully, I do see a blinking folder icon with a question mark on it.

Note that the fan is running and is rather loud. Suppose this could be because of the missing heat sensor.



It would appear that the unit should work once the hard drive is properly installed and the O/S loaded.

If you have the necessary parts, I'd like to tell my friend how to order them.

Are they what Dan noted, plus the hard drive?

How does he go about the actual order etc?


You can probably find the parts on eBay using the numbers Dan gave you or if not click on my icon to get to my profile and email me.



Do I need the new drive cable (Cable, HD SATA 922-8195)? The old one and the power cable for the drives noted below are still there and presumably functional. Wouldn't the existing one work with a new 1 TB Seagate SSHD?

(Just a note. I was examining the original drive (320 GB Hitachi Deskstar HDP725032GLA380) and the second upgrade drive (500 GB Seagate ST3500820AS). I can see the sticky residue of a temperature sensor on the original drive body, but not on the upgrade drive. It's absolutely pristine. I think the sensor was not re-attached to the upgrade and that's why the second drive eventually failed.)

Will also drop you a line by email as suggested.


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