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Launched in June 2014, the DreamTab HD8 is a children's Android tablet created by Nabi and DreamWorks .

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suddenly turns off frequently

turns on and charges fine. but abruptly turns off. cant even log in or play anything. has a cracked screen and does not allow me to grab anything. so i dont think the lcd is working correctly. is there a place i can take it to get it looked at and fixed?

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Check for the model number located on the back of the dreamtab. If your model number is DMTAB_IN08A, good luck finding a replacement screen for it. I have only found digitizers online, but none with the LCD. If you have model number DMTAB_NV08B however, you are in luck of finding a replacement screen with the digitizer and LCD. Look on websites such as or

I unfortunately have the IN08A model and I'm in need of a replacement screen.

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