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Need IPS Monitor backlight bleed fix

Greetings all

I've just imported my LG UM95-P from Amazon Spain it's a beautiful display but it has some minor but very distracting backlight bleed I have less than 30 days to decide if I want to keep it:

The picture bellow exaggerate the perceived backlight bleed under normal viewing conditions only the bottom left is visible and only when the screen is black:

Block Image

On 100% Brightness see the distracting yellow bleed on the lower left hand corner.

Block Image

As you can see on 0% Brightness there is hardly any back light bleed at all which rules out IPS glow .

Overall I'm very happy with my LG and by comparison to many LG UM95-P owners I have very little bleed but the effect when viewing a dark image a film or game (Amnesia: The Dark Descent) being a prime example is like the glow of a small campfire to the left of my peripheral vision which breaks the sense of immersion.

As these screens are well known for this issue a replacement is unlightly to solve the problem, I have attempted to fix the problem myself using Credit Card Light Bleed Fix as seen in this video:

Credit Card Light Bleed Fix

Although it did not fix the problem nether did it worsen it pushing at the bottom left of the screen temporarily removes the light bleed, I even went so far as to try a suction cup which yet again had no effect :(

My last attempt will be fit a folded piece of paper in gap between the screen and the panel as in the following video 1:00 in:

Backlight Bleed Fix

Thanks for reading any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Tnx Kindda helps,


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I report success!! :)

Having tried and failed with fitting a folded piece of paper in the bezel fix, I reverted to using Credit card light bleed fix with a variation.

1. first move the tips of your fingers and very lightly press along the very eages of the screen and the bezel itself along the light-bleed and a little beyond it you should notice that when you hit just the right pressure point that small parts of the light-bleed will disappear under your touch these are the areas you will be targeting.

2. Some caution is advised as you must (at own risk!) slot the credit card in the bezel (The flat/smooth side against the panel avoiding any razed lettering that might damage) until a small portion of it is no longer visible and weg it against the panel in affect leveraging against the the non-visible portion of the panel, this part is uncomfortable to say the least as you'll need to be flexing the credit card along the effected area and almost to the very corner of the bezel you may hear the panel creak a little, but don't worry this is normal ((you'll need to listen to your instincts and not over do it)) as you move slowly along the light-bleed area keeping an eye out for the desired effect, it is a matter of trail and error in all I spent over two hours until I succeeded.

I wish anyone who attempts this every luck with their light-bleed fix, and inspite of all the caution given above I believe this guide to be safe to follow but as with any DIY fix your experience may vary from mine.

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i had a small bleed on the bottom right hand corner, it was not noticeable enough for a exchange, considering there is a 10% restocking fee, and the fear of a even worse exchange, so i decided to keep mine. it is a asus rog swift pg2790, it is know for backlight bleeds to the point where it is a 50% risk to buy, i do not even recommend buying one after i saw this video , but i was lucking and my monitor is almost perfect just a slight deviation in black in the bottom right corner. i looked at the two vids to fix this and what i decided to do was get a monitor cleaning cloth and start gently moving over the area, develop a feel and play for it when you see that where you pushed down slight and the area blackens than that is how you want the IPS finish to stay as. so when you do move it around and you get the desired affect try to make it so it stays that way, even try to push behind the bezel a little lightly , you will notice doing this also causes it to change. you may even be able to get it darker by simply pushing behind on the bezel , once it turns darker try using a cloth on the actual screen now and see if you can move that cloth to get the light to disappear and hopefully it will stay like than than. this takes long but i think eventually you can get it a tad darker.

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When you push the bezel from behind you will notice how the light changes so easily. wish the pressure on the bezel and the help from a cloth start playing with the way you move the light and darkness around. i got mine to be almost perfect.


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