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Part of the Rebel Series, the Canon Rebel T4i is a Digital SLR with an 18 megapixel sensor with an LCD monitor. Also known as the EOS 650D.

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Can read or access memory card

when taking shot, camera can't read memory card, i replaced several cards but did not work

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The memory card must be "formatted". The camera can not read from, or write to, a card that has not been formatted first.

The quickest way to format a memory card is to use the camera's built-in formatting utility:

  1. Press the [MENU] button
  2. Use the [<] or [>] buttons to select the first Tools tab in the menu
  3. Use the [up] or [down] buttons to select the "Format Card" item, confirm with [SET] button
  4. You get the "Format Card" screen, use the [>] button to select "OK", then press [SET] and wait for the formatting process to complete.
  5. Exit the menu by pressing the shutter button half way.

If you get an error message during the formatting process, there are two likely causes:

  • Some cards have a write protect switch in a little notch on the left side (looking at the label). If this switch is set to "Lock", the card cannot be written to, and cannot be formatted. Move the switch away from the "Lock" position and try again.
  • If the card does not have the write protection set, but can not be formatted, the card is almost certainly bad. It is possible that you've been sold a counterfeit (fake) memory card.

As a last resort, you can try to wipe the card contacts with a clean tissue, and insert/eject the card a few times to clean the socket contacts.

If the formatting process was executed correctly, the card should work, and the camera should be able to store your photographs on the card without any errors.

If the camera still gives error messages even with a card that is known to be good (will work in a different camera or other device) the card socket may be defective, but this is a relatively rare problem.

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