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A general purpose laptop released in 2010 with a 15.6" screen.

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Why is my laptop showing windows error recovery

my laptop will not load up past the starting windows icon

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What version of Windows are you currently using? Did this appear upon powering on the computer or after restarting it?


my acer is running on a version of windows 7


The system could be showing this due to a variety of reasons. If you can review Fixing Windows Devices That Can't Start, it may shed some light on helping your computer start normally again. Since the problem could be a result of a hardware or software problem, I think this guide provides a good explanation that could assist with your troubleshooting the issue.


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Turn off your laptop and remove the AC adapter and its battery.

Disconnect the newly added device. You may have to reopen the laptop to access whatever hardware you had installed (if it was an internal addition).

Return the battery.

Turn on the laptop the usual way.

The laptop may successfully boot to the desktop and the windows recovery error message will not be redisplayed.

You can now try to reconnect the device and wait for Windows to recognize it (for external hardware like a USB webcam).

For hardware that is installed on the motherboard, the best approach is to ensure that you are installing a compatible device and to introduce the right drivers immediately.

TIP: If you are adding more than one device, it’s advisable to connect one at a time and keep restarting the computer with each addition until you locate the device causing the error. We recommend that you ignore the device generating the error.

Hope this helps

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