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The Wii Remote is the original, primary controller for the Nintendo Wii game console released November 19, 2006. The model number for the original Wii Remote is RVL- 003.

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Wii remote controller 4 solid blue lights on and won't sync

Hello I have a wii remote that turns on right away when the battery is inserted. It doesn't turn off when power button is pushed. All lights stay on and stay solid.

Because it is in this state it doesn't sync with the wii. I've cleaned the motherboard with isopropyl but it didn't help. Any suggestions?

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A pretty old thread for me to post comments. I suggest testing all fuses and resistors.


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I don't know where the motherboard is on the wii.

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What do you mean by cleaning the motherboard?

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I have the same problem, I have 3 remotes and another WII... ALL remotes work on the other WII, this Wii will not let the controller connect to it.. its probably not the remote.. did you spill anything on the Wii or surface around it? I found someone who spilt tea in it.. however I believe my Wii overheated in the conservatory.. The Sun (The Corona) is getting Hotter everyday

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