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Background and Identification

The Wii Remote is Nintendo's original motion-sensing controller for the Wii console released on November 19, 2006. The Wii Remote, nicknamed the "Wiimote", is a rectangular controller with a set of buttons on the top, one trigger style button on the bottom, and a screen on one end. It is usually white, however it is also sold in black, pink, blue, and red. The controller includes a set of buttons on the top, a trigger style button on the bottom, and a screen on the end. The model number for the Wii Remote is RVL-003, and is located both under the batteries and beneath the Nunchuk port.

The Wii Remote looks very similar to it's successor, the Wii Remote plus, except the original Wii Remote has no text underneath the Wii symbol on the controller. The Wii Remote Plus has curved text that reads, "Wii Motion Plus INSIDE". The Wii Remote is sold primarily in white while the Wii Remote Plus is usually black, but they are both sold in alternative colors. The Wii Remote should not be confused with the Wii Numchuck, the secondary joystick controller that plugs into the Wii Remote.

Additional Information

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