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Possible to upgrade Ram and graphic card?

I am currently having 8gb of ram and using NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M Graphics card with 2GB gDDR3.

I am wondering is it possible to upgrade the graphic card and the Ram?

Since I am trying to play some PC games like NBA2K16, and it starts lagging even though I have set all the graphic as low as possible(disable shadows, crowd,etc )and high NVIDIA performance.

But still isn't working. I am thinking may be my graphic card is too old. Therefore I am wondering is there any way to upgrade my graphic card? And if yes what model should I be looking for?

Many thanks.

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Normally the components you can upgrade in a laptop are the memory and the processor. The graphic card is integrated in the logic board.

I don't know what you think it's an outdated computer, but in my opinion an i7 with 8gb RAM and a graphic card with dedicated memory is good enough for most uses, even videogames.

Actually, the portable versions of a processor is less powerful than its desktop version as long as it is intended to be used in mobility, where the mos important thing is the autonomy, the energy consumption, so the designers prefer energy efficiency to power.

Maybe that's the real reason why you feel a bad performance in an state of the art processor.

TIP: have you cleaned up the laptop to remove dust and changed the thermal paste with a high performance one?

TIP: you can upgrade RAM to 16Gb (2banks of 8Gb each, swapping the installed). In DDR3 it's affordable and it may work for you.

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