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Portable wireless speakers from Logitech released in 2013.

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Waterproof after opening boom 2?

If I open the boom 2 and put it back together again will it still be waterproof?

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Hi arnav whenever you open something that is waterproof you break the airtight seal and if you want to go diving or swiming with it you don't open it and I know this because I warn the customers the same thing when I am working at the clockshop. That as soon as I open up a waterproof watch to replace a battery they won't be able to go swimming or diving with it on. This goes same for the speakers because all waterproof things has a rubber gasket and if you get the wrong thickness and or size the seal will not work and may have no water resistance at all and when you put the original gasket back on you are guaranteed that it will be waterproof to rain, hail and snow but that's it. I say this because when you take a gasket off you stretch it just a little bit and therefore it looses the airtight seal sadly.

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No it damages the glued silicone seal, voids the warranty and no longer remains waterproof.

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Can you re-waterproof it after opening? I only opened the 'flap', not the screws..


The flap covers the ports and is designed to be pulled aside to gain access to them. The center screwed in loop allows the flap to be fully removed and if need be replaced if damaged.


Is my ue megaboom still waterproof if i dropped it and the top opened but i push it right back in?


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