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Also known as EOS 600D and released in March 2011, this camera can be identified by its SKU (SKU:5169BO32). This camera is a Canon Digital SLR with 18 megapixels.

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says no card in camera

I have tried newSD cards and the all work in thecomputer and another cannon but not in the T3i

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What brand and size SD cards have you tried?

What is the exact error message you're getting?

What is the model of the other Canon camera that does work well with these cards?

Having this information available would go a long way towards solving your problem. My crystal ball isn't that reliable ;)


I have Cannon Rebel SL3 when I go to take a picture the word card in yellow comes up and will not allow me to take pictures. I've brought new SD card, reattach new lens, have the batteries fully charged but it still will not work. Any help would be appreciated Cele


Flying Dutchman,

The new sd card I brought is scan disk extreme SDXC UHS-1 card. I used the camera about a 2 months ago and it was fine with other SD cards. But all of a sudden on the bottom of screen where it says how far you zoom is thw word card, in yellow, flashes. I try to look it up but its always about sd card not the my problem




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Hi Aj,

Have you formatted your SD card? SD cards need to be formatted before usage to ensure compatibility with the camera. Formatting will delete any content on the card, so make sure to transfer all of your content from your SD card to a computer.

With your SD card inserted in the camera, turn your camera on. Press the "Menu" button. Select the wrench icon and then "Format."

If this still doesn't solve the issue, take a look at the Canon Rebel T3i troubleshooting page.

Best of luck!

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When I went to format my card it still said that there was no card in the camera. My card is unlocked and everything. Help!


My camera wasn't recognizing my card, and I tried recharging the camera's battery, turning the camera on and off, and taking the card in and out. also couldn't format or erase the images, because the card couldn't be accessed. NOTHING worked, until I found this tip about the SD card being locked. I don't know how it got that way, but I unlocked it, and now it's good as gold. Thanks SO MUCH for this information!


Formatting the Disk on my computer, and it can also be done in the camera.... WORKED! Thank you!


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Hey so I have a canon rebel T5i. I FOUND MY SOLUTION. I share it with my sister. She brought it back to me 6 months ago telling me that even with the SD card in it says no card in camera. We tried different SD cards. Still said the same thing. Couldn’t format the card because it was saying no card. I was about to take my camera in to get “fixed” but I put it on hold for so long cuz I didn’t have the money. Last night I decided to just blow into the card reader really hard. It didn’t help. I saw a girl on another forum used a tooth pick to slide it into the card reader gently and pull it out gently with out moving it side to side. She said it worked so I tried it.

THE SOLUTION… I couldn’t find a tooth pick. So I broke a bobby pin in half and I slid the pin in slowly and pulled it out slowly. I did this 3 times and then put the same SD card in and it worked again. Idk if maybe there was dust or dirt or whatever but I hope this helps someone since it helped me. Please be careful not to damage ur camera doing this. I got to this solution because I was desperate and my camera was useless at this point.

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Make sure memory card isn't locked


Thank you so much - you saved my day. Had this problem with my EOS R. Removed the lens, opened the shutter (didn't want to damage it since it's covering the sensor when the camera is off), and blew inside of the card slot with a Rocket blower. Everything works now. Magic! I had a bunch of cameras and computers with SD slots, but never had this issue, and couldn't even imagine a simple blow will fix it.



Was about to find a service place.

After I blow air into the slot, it reads again. A new card also didn't work.


From Canada


Thank you Kendal!! The blowing didn't work - but the tooth pick action actually did. Sweet!!


This worked for me too... thank you so much for saving me a few bucks ...cheers.


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I had this problem today on my canon t5i. No matter what I did, the camera would not read any cards I have. So, I set one SD card to the lock position (there is a really little slider on the side of the card). I put it in the camera and the camera said the card was in lock position. I took the card out and unlocked the card by moving the slider back and now it was able to recognize the card. Phew!

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Make sure ur memory card isn't set to "locked"


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Thanks for the tip. It was a great help. I understood that and just blowed in the card slot and the reader and now my camera recognizes the card… wow. I was sitting worried for more than a week with this.

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im having same problem with my t3i all of a sudden it stopped reading the card, says no card present, so cant format card etc. tried blowing many times into it for prolonged period of time, nothing works, even other cards, all cards work fine in pc, think the reader has died, any one know how much a repair place charges to repair this kind of issue ?

nothing else seems to work.

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Thanks. Lint in the camera was my problem as well just needed to blow it out.


I've got the same issue with a t1i. "No card" is all it will say. Blowing and tooth pick didn't work. Locked or unlocked, it just says "No card". Have you figured this out for yourself yet?


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