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Sony Computer Entertainment tarafından üretilmiş bir oyun konsolu. PS4 olarak da bilinir. İlk olarak 20 Şubat 2013'de duyurulmuş ve 15 Kasım 2013'te satışa sunulmuştur.

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No video output after power surge.

I recently experienced a power surge at my house and both my tv and my ps4 were damaged even though they were plugged into a surge protector. My PS4 still turns on and even the solid white light comes on but there is absolutely no video signal being put out. What part would need to be replaced? Can't afford a new one and don't want to gamble on a cheap one off of Ebay. Thanks for the help!

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There are 2 things that will sometimes fix this problem, but it is definitely not a guarantee. Many times with a power surge the power goes through the HDMI port and through the HDMI chip. Sometimes replacing one of both of these items will get your PS4 working again. If replacing those do not fix it then it's a matter of figuring out what other components are burned...if any. If there are no visible defects then it could be virtually impossible to find the problem.

I hope this helps.

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If a power spike damaged the system I don't believe anyone can honestly tell you the exact part that needs replacement. The question is how many items on your board need replacement to fix it. If you don't have experience fixing motherboards and soldering you will likely require assistance for repairing this device.

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