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Toyota's 7th generation pickup, but first generation of the Tacoma branded truck designed specifically for the American market. Featured brand new sheet metal, new frame, fresh suspension and three new powerful engines.

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Is it possible to retrofit Cruise Control into my 2001 toyota tacoma

I am interested in finding and adding cruise control to my 2001 toyota tacoma...4wd, standard transmission, 4 cyc, 2.7L.

Toyota used to make a kit (part number, PT474-35981) to retrofit cruise control to first generation standard transmission tacoma's. There are several models of first generation tacoma's. I am not sure the kit works with every model. My questions are:

1. Does anyone know if this kit will work for my model ?

2. Does anyone know where to get this kit (toyota no longer sells it).

Please no opinions...just answers the the questions.


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Best place to get everything you need is the salvage yard. I have not done this mod. However, be prepared to do a lot of research. Read the service manual and make a list of all the parts you need. It can be done. There are a few different versions over the years. Here's two diagrams.

Block Image

Block Image

Call around and ask if they have any 1998-2004 toyota tacoma pre-runner, limited, or SR5 models. Just make sure you take home more than what you think is necessary: throttle body, extra harness parts, steering wheel controls, clockspring, etc.

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