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6th generation Android smartphone designed by Google and manufactured by LG. Model LG-H790. Released October 2015.

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ghost touchscreen inputs due to water

I got some water into my phone and the screen has been wonky since then. Sometimes it behaves like normal, but most of the times it does this thing where random touch inputs occur in a column in the middle of the screen.

Edit: It seems like the orientation of the phone has something to do with the touch inputs. When I leave it screen down for a period of time it's fine, but if I turn it screen up, after a while the random inputs start occurring again.

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the phone needs to be treated for the water damage. its more than likely there is damage on the board.

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if your handy with a tools and have access to home depot. Grap some denatured alcohol and toothbrush(assuming you dont have an ultra sonic cleaner) . Disassemble the phone and look for signs of corrosion . More than likely you will find it on the screen or digitizer's connector or the main board. Clean with denatured alcohol with toothbrush . Brush all connectors throughly as well as the main board itself. Let it dry and reassemble and test. If problems still persist you might require main board repair or new digitizer.


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I disassembled it as far as I could without using a heat gun and I found no signs of water damage on the main board, so the damage is most likely in the digitizer.


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