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The Dell Inspiron 11-3147 is an 11" laptop-and-tablet hybrid device. The screen can fold onto its back to allow for handheld usage. It was manufactured in August 2015 by Dell.

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My laptop works when plugged in but not on battery.

My laptop only works when I have the cable plugged in. If I try to use it without the cable it does nothing. I don't see a battery on the back and windows says the batter is not charged.

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Omg I had the same problem with my phone a couple years back I would charge it and it would be totally charge so when I would go to play on it it wouldn't turn on until i charged it and every day to use my phone it had to be plugged into the charger to turn on.

Sorry this isn't an answer but I just ended up getting a new phone.


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This looks like 100% battery problem. You cant see the battery on the back of the laptop because is built in. You need to open the whole computer to change the battery.

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Had the same problem as well.

Your battery may have to be reset. Unplug laptop from AC power, remove back cover and unplug the battery. Unplug the cmos battery and hold down the power button for 30secs to drain any residual power that could still be on the motherboard. Plug the two batteries back in, put the cover back on. Plug in AC power and let it charge for a bit. Hopefully after you turn the laptop back on it should show a charge, unplug or while and see what happens. Good luck

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