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GSM iPad 2 with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage, and a Dual Core A5 Processor. Model Number A1396. Repair is complicated and requires heat and prying.

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iPad 2 in a boot loop after a battery disconnect and reconnect

I replaced the back cover on iPad 2 and exchange all components to new cover including some being replaced new. When finished I power up to test all functions. I got a good boot and home screen but in less than 2 minutes in went into a boot loop with about 1 minute delay after boot before home screen appears then 1-2 minutes and boot loop and won't stop. Any suggestions?

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Have you tried charging it for like an hour or more while turned off if possible?


I was able to fix it, what I did was go back and remove the logic board disconnecting the battery clean the battery contacts with alcohol allowed to air dry and reassemble. it worked perfectly no more problems


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In my case I did actually fix my own problem, I disconnected the battery by removing the logic board cleaning the connectors with alcohol allowed to air dry and reassemble. It worked perfectly no more problems.

Thanks guys for your input have a great day !

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Hi Danny

Try to restore it to factory settings.

Hope this help

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