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A 5", 3 pound personal random orbit sander made by Porter Cable and released in 2010

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Why is my sand paper not sticking to the pad?

I recently tried changing my sander paper on my sander pad however the sand paper is no longer sticking. I had left the sander in the garage and it may have gotten a little wet, what do I do to be able to fix this?

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Hi @jpiazza. I am a woodworker number it sounds like you need a new sanding pad or bring the sander inside your house for a day to let it dry out and that goes same for the sand paper since it's hook and loop. My recommendation for storing your sand paper is get a plastic box with a lid and put all your sandpaper inside it so no moisture gets in and now for the sander if you have somewhere you can store your sander facedown so the sanding pad won't get wet you should be set to go and never have to face this issue again. I hope this helps

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If your your sandpaper is not sticking to your sander pad first check the sandpaper and sander pad for debris or moisture buildup. If there is debris take an air compressor to the surface, if there is moisture let it dry. If you see neither moisture or debris buildup it my be time to change the sander pad, a replacement guide can be found here Porter-Cable 382 Sander Pad Replacement .

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