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The Nikon Coolpix 5600 is a digital camera.

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How to fix nikon system error?

how to fix nikon coolpex 4600

system error ? ?

can ask

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A system error is caused by a diagnosis systems check when camera is powered up. When the camera powers up it goes thru a zoom, shutter, and auto focus check and if any of these has a problem it will put the camera into a system error. It does this to let you know there is one of the functions not working properly.

It will need to go to a repair shop or the manufacturer. These type of errors can be cause by impact damage or any sand or debris that found it's way in the camera that could be jamming up parts internally.I have repaired these types of errors before on digital cameras, it's hard to determine whats causing your error without actually seeing the camera.

Hope I could help you out with your problem.

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All of a sudden my nikon p900 said sistem error when I do continue shots. Photo's is there but I must switch it off and then on again to take more photo's. What must I do


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