RF wheel shimmy between 55 and 80 mph

car has Salvage title, was hit and repaired at RF of car. Fender, hood, headlight assy. are new, and visible inner wheel well repair, i.e. poor welds and other misc. but seems structually functional. when i got vehicle (free) i tried removing front wheels and running in gear on jackstands bnut found lug nuts on R F wheel so tight couldnt remove one nut even with extension bar as that nut siezed after 2 turns, all others came off. I thought rim was bent so found new rim and gr8 tire and installed new stud and nut and torqued lug nuts to spec torque. on test drive the vibration didnt start until almost 65 mph and was noticably less severe than before. also noticed on R F axle being so long perhaps, there is in the middle what appears to be a rubber vibration damper clamped to the axle. as this car had a leaking power steer. hose, fluid got on the damper and caused it to swell and is barely still there,but is with the clamp. Any ideas or pertinant info would be greatly appreciated. car only hes 77,000 miles, engine runs ##&&%&%' and I would love to be able to sell it asap for all i can get and put that into my 1988 Toyota p/u which I love and am keeping for ever. Thanks again all

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