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Canon's Rebel XT is one of Canon's early entry-level DSLR's. Also marketed as the EOS 350D and the EOS Kiss Digital N.

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Everything just quit, any suggestions?

This happened several years ago. I took it to a camera shop and they said I'd be better off just buying another camera. I did, at Walmart on sale. A Fuji. I still like the Canon.

I was taking pictures with it, checked the image after I snapped a shot, then display and camera went dead. Has never revived since. Can you help?

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There are several things you might check:

  • Lens: Try turning the camera on without the lens attached. You never know. If the lens is bad, a second hand kit lens in decent condition is cheap on ebay.
  • Battery problem: Are you positively sure the battery is OK? Aging Li-Ion batteries sometimes die all of a sudden. Try putting the battery in the charger and leave it there for at least one hour. Then take it out and leave it alone for an hour or so, then check the voltage at the battery terminals. If it's less than 7 V, the battery is probably bad. If it's less than 6V, the battery is certified as dead as a doornail. Note that when you measure the voltage with a common multimeter it may read OK but the voltage might collapse under load. To test this, try measuring the voltage with a 100 ohms, 5W resistor connected to the battery (you might need 4 hands to do this), if the voltage measurement shows a distinct drop the battery is likely bad.
  • Sensor switches: The battery door and the card slot door have sensor switches that turn the camera off when either door is opened. If either of these is defective, your camera won't power up whatever you do. The doors have little tabs on them that, when the door are closed, poke into little holes where the sensor switches lurk. Check if the tabs aren't missing, try carefully poking at the sensor switches with a toothpick. Check if the switch plungers aren't missing or damaged.

If you still can't get the camera to turn on, there's not much you can do except maybe take it apart and check for loose connectors or other damage, but this might require advanced troubleshooting skills.

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