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The NP-N150-JPB1US is a multi-touch pad laptop that was released in March 2010, marketed as the N150 Plus. The Samsung N150 Plus uses the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system with wifi capabilities.

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Why is my laptop so hot to the touch?

My laptop gets too hot while it's sitting on my lap. Why is this happening?

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Your laptop can become overheated due to a faulty fan or your cooling fans could be clogged by dirt or dust. First make sure that your using your laptop of a flat surface and not carpet, pillows, or blankets. Then take canned air and blow out the vents around the case to clear any dust or dirt that is clogging the airflow. If that still doesn't help try disconnecting your ac charger or run it on the charger without the battery for a while. If your computer continues to shut down after prolonged use then you could have a faulty fan.

If you are still having trouble refer to our troubleshooting page to better help diagnose the problem. Below I provided a link to a website where you can purchase a new fan.

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You shouldn't blow air (from a can) into the vents as you're pushing the dirt/dust to the other side of the vents. Doing that can also make the dirt/dust clog up even more which results into even more heat damage.

The moral of this comment is: Blowing canned air into the vents doesn't get rid of the dirt/dust.


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When a laptop is used for extended periods, it should sit on a solid surface so that its feet keep the bottom of the laptop clear. Most laptops draw in cooling air through slots on the bottom, and if the laptop sits on a soft surface e.g. a pillow or your lap, these slots would be blocked, resulting in overheating.

Even those laptops that do not have cooling vents on the bottom, partially rely on some air flow around the case to help dissipate heat, and could become uncomfortably warm if kept on your lap.

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