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This computer was released by Asus in 2014.

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Is it possible to add/replace Ram


I'm just wondering if it is possible to use this laptop with 4 GB Ram? I want to upgrade it because when i open more than 5 6 tabs it's slowing down. I know i cant expect sth really fast but like i said, just wondering :)

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What ASUS tells me is that 2gb is the max that this notebook comes with. this is very true as I was just trying to do this also. What I found is that there are SK Hynix chips on the mother board which tells me that the ram is actually built into the motherboard. That being said means that you would need to get a whole new custom built motherboard with more ram built into it which would cost more than buying a new laptop in a whole that can accept ram into a slot like it should always be.

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How much is the actual price for this motherboard that is mentioned, can one replace motherboards? For example from an Acer to this Asus or like at least purchase a new one with more slots? Will it then be able to have for example 8GB with this laptop or even 16GB in total?


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It says the ram isn't upgradable.

HOWEVER.. whether this means if the ram's not "USER upgradable" or upgradable as a whole, remains to be seen.

The laptop uses DDR3, I assume it uses the low voltage variant (1.35v) and is a single slot.

Check out other places than here for more info.

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