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Latest vacuum sealer from FoodSaver, released late 2015. Contains an accessory hose, PulseVac button, and multiple settings based on food consistency.

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Why is my bag cutter not working properly?

The bag cutter is not cutting the bags correctly (they are still attached to the rest).

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Another possibility is that the position of the blades shifted from a bump or lose screw, etc. and the resulting misalignment could render any tool useless. could you describe and/or post some pictures of how they the cut is coming out? that way we can assess based on pulling at certain points along the bag or rotation of cutting path could narrow down the issue.


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The cutter is just not cutting when You go to seal and cut.


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Your bag cutter might be dull, and it's really inexpensive to buy a new one! You can follow this bag cutter replacement guide to replace it.

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Doesn’t address cutter


Nothing about cutter. The cutter is not working. Whole machine rather useless.


For those saying this doesn't address the cutter issue, don't bother with the big image (which looks like it'd be a video) that has the blue icon in the middle saying "Start Guide". That, indeed, is useless for this cutter issue as it will take you to a troubleshooting guide which doesn't mention anything about the bag cutter.

Just ignore that... and instead click on the link in the text above the big image... where it says "bag cutter replacement guide" in blue... that link works correctly and leads to the right place. Hope this helps!


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