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A laptop computer by Samsung, identifiable by the model number NP-RF411, released in 2011.

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Were is thea hard drive

Were is hard drive???

And how do I make it bootable

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The hard drive is physically located in a compartment on the bottom of your laptop.

It should already be bootable (this is essential for the computer to work). If you get an error message that says "no bootable hard drive" or something like that, do the following:

  • Turn the computer off.
  • Turn it on again, and as soon as the Samsung logo appears on the screen, press the F2 key. The BIOS screen will appear.
  • Look for the SATA PORT items, at least one of these should have a corresponding text string which is a model number of a hard drive
  • If none of the SATA PORT items indicate the presence of a hard drive, you're in trouble because it means that your hard drive will most likely have failed - and if it has, your operating system is gone and so is your data if you don't have backups. There's a small chance that it's just a mechanical issue - you can try remove the HDD compartment cover on the front bottom of your computer and check if the hard disk is correctly seated. Just in case, re-seat the HDD and try again. Obviously you'd switch the computer off before removing the HDD cover.
  • If there is a hard drive present on one of the SATA PORT items, you must make sure the computer can use it to boot from. Press the Right Arrow key to select the Boot page of the BIOS. The select Boot Device Priority and press ENTER. A list of possible boot devices will appear. The computer will try to boot from the first device listed, if that fails pass on to the next, and so on until either the computer boots or there are no more devices available. Check that the item AHCI HDD shows up in this list, near the top, and the device is available (isn't labelled N/A). If the device is listed but the computer won't boot, the hard disk has most likely become corrupted. In most cases, this can be fixed.
  • To fix a corrupted hard disk, download the GParted Live CD or a similar tool, and use it to make a bootable CD or USB key as per instructions. You can use this to fix a corrupted hard disk partition table and/or make a hard disk bootable again. If you don't feel comfortable doing this type of operations, enlist a computer savvy buddy who is.

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