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Vizio 48" Model E470I-A0 Black Screen

Hello I have a Vizio 48" Model E470I-A0

complete black screen. I did the flashlight test and able to see the picture in the back, but it flickers a little bit between lighter and darker spots.

Is this the LED back lights or it's the power supply.

Thank you in advance.

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Excellent I will try that.

Thank you Gary


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@randym most common error is a failure of the power to the backlight. Check to see if your TV has a separate inverter. If it does not replace the power board.

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Turn all lights off in the room and with tv turned on, look through the vents on back of tv. If you can see lights it is not the LED back lights.

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hi folks, my vizio 48" is too dark. some shows are fine. one day the power blipped off, then on. that is when it changed. i am a photographer and need a display with accurate darkness and colors. i also do not believe in a disposable society. the support tech at vizio told me "just buy a new one, they are only a couple hundred bucks..." . there are things i need more than a tv like taxes, propane, truck tires, etc. another guy said it was the backlight but i still have a picture, bright colors. i know very little about tvs. does this sound like a backlight issue? i replaced a hard drive using ifixit, a macbook, the hd is buried and i had to take the whole thing apart. any suggestions with this tv? thanks, john


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