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Repair information for hot tubs.

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hot tub problems need answers

I have drained the tub changed the filter and filtered the water for hours ,but the slimey

particals keep coming back .I am wondering if the interior of the hoses might be breaking down it is a 2003 caldera .I can remove some of the floters and they break down when put through a skimmer

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That slippery, slimy feeling is a film of bacteria. The optimum range for bromine is 3-5 PPM. I suggest that you shock the spa with a quick acting product such as a non-chlorine shock. Boost the bromine readings above 5.0 PPM and keep it there, until all traces of the slime is gone. Keep the filter running during this period. Thereafter, resume a bromine level of 3-5 PPM. Test the spa water before each use and add shock, if the bromine level is too low. After periods of heavy bather use, test the water and add additional shock, as might be required. The bromine, in the floater, is slow dissolving and the addition of shock is a way to quickly boost the bromine level. Keeping a proper bromine level should prevent a recurrence of the problem. Having an ozonator will make it easier to maintain a proper level of bromine and make problems, such as you have described, mush less likely. I hope that I have been helpful.

When taking care of your hot tub there are two major methods of sanitation, chlorine and bromine. Chlorine tends to be the cheaper option out of the two choices, but requires more maintenance.Due to the heat in hot tubs, chlorine becomes ineffective at a quicker rate, where as bromine lasts much longer, requiring less application and maintenance. Whether convenience or price rules out the use of chlorine or bromine, maintenance and upkeep is key for healthy water. Below we have put together some easy to follow steps to keep your hot tub clean and clear.

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The original filter that came with the tub worked fine but, replacement filters seemed weaker even after changing and shocking the water. I finally tried covering the filter with panty hose. It made a big difference.

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