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The Xiaomi Mi 4 is the fourth generation of the Mi line of smartphones produced by the Xiaomi Technology Company. It comprises of the latest technology that all phone companies have to offer in the world.

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Phone not starting Mi logo flashing on and off

hey, i brought my Mi4 less than one year back. Last month it suddenly stopped charging so i went to the service center and they changed the sub board. ever since then my cameras focus is gone and the phone is heating up and the phone goes switched off and the logo startes to flash on and off for a long tym... and late it switches on by itself.

it is really frustrating.

Pls help.

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It's a very common and stupid bug by Xiomi Mi.

It can be solved easily but u need to have more patience (mooorreee)

Even if you connect the charger, you wont be able to see any sign of charging and continues blink (kind of boot loop). I am sure this should be the problem for you (not only you, more than a millions)

1. Connect the phone with a charger, you may or may not see any sign of charging

2. Wait for at least 15 minutes and max of 45 minutes until you notice some sign of charging

3. Never disconnect the charger even for a single second while doing it

4. After a good amount time you get any of the below,

5. Phone booted without any issue :-)

6. If not use Power + Vol Up button to boot into recovery mode wipe all,

7. I not Vol + Down to fast boot. Keep charging until u see any sign of charging.

8. Try with another charger if it didn't

Let me know whatever result u get, I will give u the good solution, but don't forget to reply



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My Redmi Note 6 Pro has been switching on and off in a continuous loop. The MI logo appears for a few seconds and the screen goes black. Afterwards, the whole process keeps on repeating. I tried to use the Vol uP+Power button, but the problem keeps persisting. I think the power button of my phone is automated. Have you encountered this problem?


I am facing same issue. Can anyone help in lockdown we cannot even go and get it fixed.


I have the same issue as well for my Redmi Note 6 pro. any suggestion?


i have also the same problem, when i try to boot the phone the mi logo will appear on screen just for some second turned off ..

i had also wiped all the data using power + volume up button,

while formatting the mobile phone, the formatting process percentage showing on the screen . eg 95$ completed.

but it show that the formatting is completed when it reached the 3% percentage.

What the problem i am thinking :

The internal memory of mobile phone has been damaged.


My mi note 5 after a long press in the power button shows mi logo and after a few seconds it’s shut down again plz help


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Go and check this article this article will help you in solving this problem.

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Try to Flash the device using Fastboot files

Firmware for your device

Use Mi Fastboot tool as flasher

and check the steps on xiaomo official website

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My MI note 4 screen is suddenly showing black with only Mi flashing & only it taking for charging. Kindly suggest what to d as its is lockdown so no repair shop open. Thank you.


@nallasivan i have a zte blade xmax (z983) and when i plug in my charger it shows that its charging then it stops charging and shuts off again and it continues to do that so should i follow your steps (my phone is shut all the way off for charging) what do i do


The same thing happened to me too yesterday. Why did such odd behavior start to appear on the same date? There must be a strong reason for this. It's not consequence.


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I had a similar problem on my Mi Mix 2 with a blinking white led after the battery has totally discharged.

Here's how I fixed it:

1. Try plugging into different chargers:

Fast charger

Slow charger

Computer USB

2. Charge for a few hours to 1/2 day until screen flashes and/or you see the boot screen looping

3. Leave charging over night or 1/2 day (this will slowly charge up the battery)

4. If the phone still does not fully boot then:

a. Put phone in oven (remove any accessories including case) on LOW, e.g. 250F, 120C for 2 mins

b. Turn OFF oven, then wait 15 mins for phone to cool down

c. Plug in phone and power ON

NOTE: phone showed 60% charge when it finally powered ON, after the oven trick, so it is unclear whether the final problem was battery related or something else?

Good luck!

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what?? pls dont listen to this reply(idk if this was sarcasm or not)

dont put your phone into an oven!!

it will create a massive fire hazzard and if none of the other options work take it to a service centre or repair shop its better than setting your %#*@ house on fire..


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