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The Motorola DROID MAXX is the successor to the Motorola DROID RAZR HD.

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Phone screen fell off, now it just vibrates every few seconds.

I did not drop the phone, but one day the screen started coming off. When I tried to put it back together the phone shut off,and now it won't turn on. It just vibrates every 30 seconds... I just fixed the screen and digitizor 3 months ago. It also heats up very fast. Help?

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my best bet is that the new screen you put on several months ago is starting to separate. the replacement parts on the droid phones are often fake and you have to be really careful where you buy the parts from. the glass screen will separate from the bezel after a few months due to faulty glue being used. The screen has lifted and no longer works which explains why you can't see anything yet the phone still buzzes. The heat may be explained by a short on the connector which will cause it to run hot. hopefully, the problem can be resolved by installing an OEM full assembly ordered and installed by a high quality phone repair shop.

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Well, it was repaired by a phone repair shop. A Verizon wireless store had recommended them to me. It cost me 150 dollars to repair it. And in the first month, the screen cracked very easily and now the screen came off.


not sure what phone we're talking about but $150 isn't an outrageous price to pay for a newer phone. Most repair shops offer a warranty for bad parts. If you dropped it again, then warranties won't apply but if you didn't and the screen just fell apart, then take it back and ask for a new one. They can tell very quickly if the phone has been dropped again so don't try to con them.


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