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A 6" smartphone by ZTE released in October 2014.

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I cant make calls

It won't let me make phone calls it hangs up tight away

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We need more information. Have you tried turn it off and again (not "sleep/suspend mode," but really powering down)? Have you changed anything recently? Does this happen with all local numbers? Finally, have you tried a factory reset to default state and tried again?


I have this problem as well, and I have done everything including a factory reset and still I have this issue. Perhaps a software flaw or something?


Same problem makes no sound when dialing and then lists at bottom can not complete because of unspecified error. Many incomming calls go direct to voice mail when the signal is very good. Sometimes can not get to retrieve voicemail. It seams to have no pattern as to when it will not work. I have not been able to call any number for the past day (error caon not complete). 05/17/2017 by


I wonder whats wrong ive done nothing else could make calls eariler


I couldn't call out, I had tried everything. After 2 30 minute phone calls to Tracfone and doing everything they suggested, still would not call out. When I saw the comment above about putting the phone back to factory setting I tried that and now my phone calls out. I was ready to buy a new phone.


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Had the same problem. Try turning off assisted dialing in call settings.

Hope this helped.

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Changed setting "Voice over LTE preferred " to off.

Fixed my ZTE Z799VL

To get to call settings (in android 6.0.1) select phone, dialer, and click on the 3 vertical dots on the left side of the text field of numbers.


I don't understand


Same ph though


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I put mine back to factory settings and haven't had a problem since. I wrote down my contacts first.

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