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Early 2011 model, A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 or 2.7 GHz i7 processor.

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Changing my EARLY 2011 logic board for a LATE 2011 with 2.8GHZ

Hello guys,

If I need to change my 13" MacBook Pro Early 2011 logic board (it has a i5 2.3 GHz CPU) with a Late 2011 logic board (with a i5 2.8 GHz). Will it work ?

Thanks a ton for any input on that matter! Regards, Guillaume

Update (06/21/2016)

Hello Dan,

Thanks for your answer !

I want to change my Logic board because my laptop started to have a battery issue.

Let me explain :

When I plug the MagSafe adapter in there is no light (green or orange) on the connector and my mac doesn't detect any current. It's not the "not charging" syndrome displaying in the top right corner of the screen under OS-X.

It's no &&^&^$^ current at all :/

And as you may now, with these models we just can't plug the MagSafe adapter in and hope it charges even if there is not battery in it at all like with any other laptop ...

So I've swapped the battery with a compatible one (same model same year), I've reset the SMC and all to no avail.

I've discussed the matter with a friend well versed in micro electronics who said to me: "Even if you change the DC board (the little one the mag safe is connected to) it won't change anything it's your motherboard that is too old".

I'm running out of options here, so before ordering a logic board I'll take the one from the similar model MacBook as my wife has and test it.

By the way, I knew there is a core i7 2.7 GHz for that model (my wife has it actually). I was referring to this one in my question but i made a typo error.

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Both of your systems series: MacBookPro8,1


You may want to check your MagSafe adapters here. Make sure the cords are not kinked, cracked, cut or have any bumps. A common problem here is the cords get damaged causing them to short which damages the MacBook's electronics.

Another risk is static electricity. Sliding the computer into a cheap bag that uses a polyester lining can build a charge in sliding the computer in and out. This was a problem we faced we needed to spray the fabric with an antistatic spray.


yeah i think you're onto something here. I was using my wife adapter recently which is damaged (the cords are apparent so i need to tape it). The computer bag is a thule one which is pretty sturdy and feel high quality..

I think the logic board is definitely damaged now as it won't detect any magsafe connection... I'll put my wife Logic board into my macbook to be sure..


I wouldn't trust it! Its time for a new MagSafe power adapter.


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If you review the link I posted in your question these are all compatible with each other. So Yes you could swap out the logic boards.

But the real question here is why are you?

If your board is dead then you may want to jump up to a i7 board Vs such a small improvement with your choices.

Update (06/22/2016)

Before making the jump to a new logic board you may have a bad DC-In Board.

Clearly you're not getting power into the system so that starts at the MagSafe interface often dirt or corrosion can cause the connection to fail. Carefully clean it with a cotton swab with some isopropyl alcohol. Inspect the contacts on both MagSafe connector surfaces are they clean & shiny? With a small screwdriver with the MagSafe adapter unplugged press the pins do they move a little of the adapters MagSafe connector? Looking at the socket of the computer does the plastic insulator look melted or mis-shaped? Replace the MageSafe adapter and/or the DC-In Board.

If your sure the problem is deeper then the problem is indeed the logic board power services. But this might be repairable! While I don't recommend you do this your self you might be able to send your board out to someone who has the skills and parts to repair it. This would be the cheaper direction. Alas, replacing the logic board would be the last option here.

The last point is make sure you stay within your systems series for a replacement logic board as Apple has often altered things between them so the board won't fit or connections won't.

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