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How to test power supply

Hi my ps4 turns on then instantly off. I'm 99% sure it's a power supply fault from videos I have seen on youtube. However I would just like to check my power supply with a voltmeter before buying a new one. My power supply model is ADP-240AR.

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Are you familiar with the washer fix? Have you attempted it? What makes you think it's the psu?


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The PSU provides a permanent +5 VDC on the side connector. This same connector has an input, used to tell the PSU to provide +12 VDC on the 2 big metallic legs soldered on the motherboard.

To make basic tests on the PSU you can:

- remove it from the console

- plug it in the AC with the power cord (from this point, manipulate the PSU only by touching plastic parts!)

- connect a multimeter on the side connector and check that you get +5VDC on some pins (can't remember which ones, just test)

- verify that you have 0 Volt on the 2 holes where the big metallic legs are supposed to be plugged in

- use a wire to shortcut the first and the last pins of the PSU side connector, this should tell the PSU to provide +12VDC

- check with the multimeter that you get those +12VDC on the 2 holes

If yes, your PSU seems to be working.

If +5VDC and/or +12VDC is missing, the PSU is the culprit.

You can find tutorials on the net, just search "PS4 ADP-240 PSU Test" for instance.

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Does it work if you just shortcut the side connector of the power supply so it will always give the +12VDC?


I'm looking to do this on a different model. ADP-300CR. Just to clarify, I'm wanting to test for 12 volts on the area where the motherboard prongs insert into the PSU?


I am getting 5 v output , but not 12 v when shorting the PSU side connector. Can we identify the faulty component and replace it


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1.Plug in two prong power cord into PSU

2. Flip over power supply

3. Insert positive and negative prongs from multimeter into two holes

on the bottom. Be sure they are fully inserted and not touching any

metal or each other.

4. Set multimeter for DC voltage at ~20v.

7. Use a small piece of metal and make contact with the

first (5VSB) and 3rd(ACDC_STBY) pin

of the connection on the side.

Make sure whatever you are using to jumper the pins makes

contact with the metal connectors in the connector.

This turns on the power supply.

8. If you have done it correctly and the power supply is good,

you should get a reading of around 12 volts as shown.

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Hi, i need your help regarding my adp-200er from 12xx serie. i'm trying to check if the psu is my problem on my "no power" ps4

so here is my situation. i put black and red sticks inside the PSU, then i try to jump the 4 pins to watch my readings

when i jump the first and second pins i have no readings

when i jump the first and third pins i have the 12vdc reading

when i jump the first and fourth pins i have no readings

when i jump the second and third pins i have no readings

when i jump the second and fourth i have no readings

when i jump the third and fourth i have the 12vdc reading

do you think the PSU is half working? do i have to replace it?

thanks anyway for any advice

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If your getting the 12v I would have to say Power Supply is GOOD.


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you might check your APU chip, if that comes off, or if any of the suturing points come unsutured, then you need to get a new ps4

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