Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens.

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Cracked Microwave Case safe to use?

Have a GE Over the Range Microwave. Only a few years old, minimal use. Noticed a crack in the control panel case to the right of the clock and around the side. GE has instructed us to contact a repair tech, but I imagine the service call alone would be more expensive than getting a new microwave. There are no other apparent issues with the unit. Is there any danger in using the microwave with a crack in the case?

Update (07/12/2016)

please see picture

Block Image

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I'd really like to see a couple of pictures before making a call on this one.


I agree pictures are necessary


will get pictures and post tomorrow. thanks


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That does not seem to really be an issue or dangerous. Could probably be simply repaired with some epoxy. Filled in and sanded down. Maybe someone else will remember what material would be best for this if it bothers you.

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thank you... we feel the same.


agree with @mayer benign stress crack in the plastic


JB weld works well in a place like this ,mix ,fill, sand smooth and cover with white fingernail polish


@jimfixer - I figured you'd know. Thanks!


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