The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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Error code Fh Kenmore elite he3

Viewed other answers none have helped. Although they have allowed me to mark off some issues. The error fh occurs within 5 mins after starting. I have checked the pressure hose, pressure switch, inlet valves, drain, and drain pump. All seem to be working properly to best my knowledge. I have no idea how to check the flow meter and ccu to check those off any advice on that would be appreciated. As well as what else could be the problem. The water fills in and it begins the agitation phase while water continues but just stops. Rarely it will run the entire wash phase but stops mid of rinse cycle. The drain and spin cycle works with no issues. When I placed the washer into diagnostic mode it flashes FH yet again within a minute. I have used hot and cold water and no luck.

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You went completely through my answer on this?

f h error code


Mayer: I have read for last 7 days all over the place and they all pretty much cover the same area. Most hardly tell how to check each if any part. Even read yours more than once thinking if it was only that simple lol.

On checking water flow, flow meter, ccu, pressure switch, drain pipe, drain pump, check for siphoning?

I have no siphoning problems, inlet valve continuity is good, drain pump is working, pressure tube has no holes, pressure switch clicks with pressure and with pressure release. Only thing that I have no idea how to check is the flow meter and the CCU.


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Best bet would to replace the flow meter. Here's how to do it:

Go here and check the link in red for model compatibility

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Mayer: thanks for helping me bud. I been hoping that I could figure out how to check the parts to see if their good. But yea looks like i am going to have to order the flow meter. It will be a few days before the part gets here but I will let you know if this fixes the problem.

Just in case:

If you or anyone else knows how to check the CCU please let me know cause I really don't want to spend 200+ bucks on a part this is good.


@danielsilcox - If I were you and waiting for a part that might fix it, I'd pull that board, go over it with a soldering iron, do the work looking for a possible cold solder joint.

Also this one:


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