Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Not waking from sleep after SSD Hybrid Hard Drive Upgrade

Hi folks, has anyone had any trouble with MacBook Pro not waking out of sleep after the upgrade to a hybrid SSD HD? Have reset the SMC and NVRAM and unchecked the "set HD to sleep when possible" but the issue still persists.

Rest of HD install went fine after cloning original drive.

Any suggestions would be great.

Update (07/15/2016)

Thanks. The new drive was initially formatted externally. I then cloned the old drive to the new drive externally (old drive remaining in her computer). I verified the clone ( same size on both drives) and then proceeded with the install of th new drive. I did not install an on prior to the clone as I expected this to be accomplished through the cloning of the drive

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Sorry, that was supposed to be OS prior to the clone!


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I've installed about 75 of these with no sleep issues. I would not have cloned the drive. Do an internet installation then use migration assistant to move your data. I know it takes longer but you don't have a repair partition using the cloning method.

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Many thanks, will give this a shot. Could you elaborate on your suggestion of "internet installation" of the OS?


Be happy to, but first would you tell me how you formatted the new drive, internally or externally. And which way did the clone go ( external to internal or vice vera), did you install a system before the clone?


Hi Mayer, any chance you can elaborate on your approach to the internet installation of the OS prior to migrating content over from the old HD?

thanks in advance


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