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Heating and tumbling, but not drying? Frigidaire GLEQCAS2 Dryer

Hey there,

So my dryer is no longer drying my clothes... well it will eventually after 2-3 cycles. It is heating. It is tumbling. We took it apart and cleaned all the dirt and lint from inside of it. The hose is not kinked or clogged. There is airflow to the vent outside... I dont know what it could be?

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Most Frequent Causes for Dryer takes too long

Cause 1

Air Flow Problem

If the vent is clogged or partially clogged, it will restrict the airflow through the dryer, substantially increasing the drying time. To ensure proper dryer performance, you should clean your dryer’s venting system at least once per year.

Cause 2

Heating Element

The heating element warms the air before the air enters the dryer drum. If the heating element is burned out, or if any other part of the assembly is defective, the dryer may not heat. To determine if the heating element is at fault, use a multimeter to test it for continuity. If the heating element does not have continuity, replace it.

Cause 3

Lint Filter

The lint filter might be clogged. Dryer sheets and fabric softener can leave a residue on the lint filter, reducing the air flow. If the lint filter is clogged, clean it.

On my dryer, it has two heating elements and one was operating. The other has a break in the heating coil. I replaced that and the thermal fuse.

Gleqcas2 is a partial model number for a Frigidaire Dryer. To see specific parts for your Dryer, please choose your exact model from the list below or choose the model that’s closest.

Frigidaire Dryer Model GLEQ2152EE0

Frigidaire Dryer Model GLEQ2152EE1

Frigidaire Dryer Model GLEQ2152ES0

Frigidaire Dryer Model GLEQ2152ES1

Frigidaire Dryer Model GLEQ2170KE0

Frigidaire Dryer Model GLEQ2170KS0

Frigidaire Dryer Model GLEQ221AS2

Frigidaire Dryer Model GLEQ332AS0

Frigidaire Dryer Model GLEQ332AS1

Frigidaire Dryer Model GLEQ332AS2

Frigidaire Dryer Model GLEQ442CES0

Frigidaire Dryer Model GLEQ642AS0

Frigidaire Dryer Model GLEQ642AS1

Frigidaire Dryer Model GLEQ642AS2

Frigidaire Dryer Model GLEQ942CS0

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My dryer was getting hot and it was tumbling. The problem ended up being the hose that blows outside was clogged, and when I say clogged, I mean it was SO clogged that no air was getting out. So I pulled the dryer out, untapped it from the outside part and went in with just my arm and hand. I couldn’t BELIEVE just how much lint was stuck in it. When I finished cleaning it out and put it back in place, I turned it on and it started working like a brand new one!!

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