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Why stock on acer logo on screen not run bios?

also hang up on acer logo display not booting on bios setting ..

f2 and f12 are not run also stock up ..

how to fixit this problem ...

please help...

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Hi there,

Have you checked the keyboard ribbon cable that is connected to your motherboard? If you use an external keyboard as well and try f2 and f12 on it you might be able to find what the problem is as well, I also recommend trying the DEL key just incase too.

Hope this helps!

After edit: It just dawned on me too that if it is hanging on the acer boot logo then there could be something wrong with the internal battery so disconnect the battery if you can and power on with nothing but the power cable, if that is still being an issue then i recommend disconnecting whatever internal storage there is and trying to access the BIOS after doing so. If that doesn't work then you might be looking at a faulty BIOS chip (if worse comes to worse of course).

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@fizzyaider you did notice that this is a six year old question? It’s a good answer but hopefully the OP got it fixed by now.


@oldturkey03 Honestly no, I didn't notice so that's my bad. Hopefully someone else can use this answer though if they stumble into the same problem, I've been there before where a 3 year old late answer has saved my bacon..


@fizzyaider nothing wrong with answering old questions. It is always something that can prove helpful to somebody. I just don’t think we’ll get confirmation from the OP ;-)

Welcome to iFixit!


@oldturkey03 Thank you very much! Looking forward to being around here and helping out :)


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