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An Acer Aspire 5100 Laptop with a 15.4" inch display.

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How to boot when screen says failure on hd4:WDC WD1600BEVS-22RT0-(D1)

Screen says samrt failure onhard diak 4: WDCWD1600BEVS-22RST0-(S1)

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@jaredlacey8181 sounds like your computer can't access the OS on the drive. Could be a drive failure. I'd start with changing the BIOS to a different boot order and set it to either optical drive or USB and then insert a bootable disk (or USB drive ) and see if that works. If your BIOS sees the failed drive, you can try and reinstall the OS. If it does not, replace the drive.

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SMART failure means that the performance of the hard drive is degrading. It is a warning to give you time to back up the data before the hard drive dies completely. The SMART feature of the hard drive is a group of characteristics that are involved with read/write speed, disk speed and other aspects of performance. You may get this message for weeks or even months, but it is still a good idea to back up your data to another location and prepare to replace the hard drive.

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