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Keyboard not working properly

Letters a thru l are showing up 1 thru 9 how do I fix it

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clavier numérique ne fonctionne plus


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I would suggest you check your 'language' settings on the task bar. I have multiple 'languages' installed due to being in Canada. Ocassionally, for no seeming reason it will flip over to another language. Guess what, the mapping does a number on what you expect to pop up.

Check this first and foremost every time something odd comes out of your keyboard.

You can always enable the accessory aids (onscreen keyboard).

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(1) Letters J-L and U-O have numbers on the top right. P has the *. How do I reset this? I only have 1 language setting, English.

(2) How do I reset my password in order for it NOT to EXPIRE?

(3) Password expired and I was locked out. Booted in safe mode and changed the password. Was able to log on, but my desktop is different and has no pictures that I was working on. How do I get my old desktop back?

The expired password started all of these problems.



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