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Sony Xperia Z3 Compact released in Sep. 2014.

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Changed Display, new Display shows scrambled graphics

I recently had to change my Z3 Compact Display for the second time (broken display). The first time it worked all well but this time the display only showed scrambled graphics.

At the boot sequence with the display of the "android" font, it all looked normal but after that, the blue-ish start-sequnece (with the flowing lines etc.) was completely pixelated and scrambled. also the upcoming lockscreen was pixelated and scrambled in the same way.

Is it the mainboard/graphics unit or is it a faulty display?

thanks for help and advice!!

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Either a faulty display or a connector not fully seated are the most likely issues. Did you replace the display yourself?

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thank you Eric for your reply!

the display came with the frame already attached, so i only needed to transfer the motherboard to the new frame. i checked the connector more than once and it was right on.

my concern is, that it might be something about the board. as you have to bend it a little to push the connector cable through to the socket i am afraid i might have defected something. though, there was no physical indication of that. not sure if that would be a possible reason for the default at hand.


I'm wondering if the android software could be the problem. Have you tried a factory reset? Does this phone have a mini or micro hdmi port? If it does, have you tried hooking it up to a display that way?

Did the old display stop functioning completely when it broke or did it just stop responding?


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Did you ever figure out what was causing this? Did you try with another display?

I'm about to buy a third display (first arrived broken, second was a chinese clone with artifacts like you describe) and would like to rule out a faulty motherboard before I do.

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