iPhone wont turn on but connects to iTunes after repair. Help!


I recently bought an iPhone knowing it was broken. The description I was given was that the iPhone was dropped and the screen cracked, so it was repaired. However, now the iPhone will not fully turn on. It connects to iTunes fine, however, and when I told it to backup to the computer, the computer told me to respond to the iPhone.

I have several screens laying around so I tried one of them on the phone, and it failed to light up. I reset the phone and also updated and restored it in iTunes, however it still does not function. Interestingly enough when I plug in the phone is does not vibrate, nore if I switch the volume rocker. I can't nag this problem and I need any advice I can get. Thanks!

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Its worth noting that the iPhone does charge and at a normal rate. My computer recognizes that it is at 40%


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There are a few things that could go wrong in this scenario, but I have seen phones where someone attempts to repair them and accidentally knocks a resistor or filter off of the board and the backlight will fail. If you hold a flashlight to the screen can you faintly see anything on the screen? If so then the backlight filter is shot and it is not an easy repair (nor one I am qualified to give advice on how to pursue.)

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